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Domestic Appliance Repair and Installation in Whetstone, Totteridge lane

A local N20 domestic appliance engineer is in the Whetstone, Totteridge lane of the London borough of Barnet. We aim to respond quickly to local booking systems in the Whetstone, and N20 areas to install and repair domestic appliances.

Repairs Appliance is an independent business with extensive experience in home appliance repair across all aspects in Whetstone, Totteridge Lane, and N20. They offer a quick, affordable, and dependable repair service for equipment in the Whitestone, Totteridge Lane, and N20 areas.

When your kitchen appliances stop working, it can cause conflict in your daily life. Still, Repairs Appliance is here to help with installation and repair in N20 Whetstone, Totteridge Lane, for a variety of appliances, including electric cookers, hobs, ovens, fridge freezers, washing machines, dishwashers, washer dryers, and tumble dryers. We offer same-day, next-day, weekend, evening, and morning appointments to slot your schedule and will call you 45 minutes before arriving.

N20 Whetstone, Totteridge Lane Appliance repair Centre

Our local engineers operate throughout N20 Whitestone, Totteridge Lane, regularly updated and refreshed on their expertise. We also maintain an inventory of thousands of parts to ensure you promptly receive components from our fleet vehicles or warehouse. Our domestic appliance service is prompt and expert, and our prices are highly competitive. We provide comprehensive safety checks on every appliance we repair, supply six-month guarantees, and maintain full insurance coverage.

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Dishwasher repair in N20 Whetstone, Totteridge Lane
Washing machine repair in N20 Whetstone, Totteridge Lane
electric oven repair in N20 Whetstone, Totteridge Lane

N20 Whetstone, Totteridge Lane, Domestic Appliance Installation

In addition to repairing appliances for numerous Whetstone and Totteridge Lane clients, we also provide appliance installation in the area. Our engineers have extensive experience installing appliances such as electric cookers, ovens, washing machines, dishwashers, and integrated fridges and freezers.

Why recommended to choose us!

Repair all appliances

6 Months Warranty

Flexible booking slots

Original Spare Parts

One-time labour charge

One-time labour charge

What services are covered at N20 Whetstone, Totteridge Lane?

Electric Hob Installation & Repair

Electric Cooker Installation & Repair

Washing Machine Installation & repair

Dishwasher Installation & repair

Fridge freezer Installation & repair

Dryer Installation & repair

What appliance problems we repair at NW3 Hampstead, Belsize Park?

Washing Machine Installation and Repair At N20 Whetstone, Totteridge Lane

Does the laundry machine malfunction? Having children, meeting in two days, having a job interview in a few days, or going on vacation shortly are just a few of the significant occasions that require you to look your absolute best. This sensation is akin to an impending panic attack.

Like most contemporary electric home appliances, washing machines are virtually irreplaceable. While it is possible to do laundry at the local facility on two or three occasions, as we all know, doing so is not economical.

At Repairs Appliance, we offer professional washing machine repair services for all makes and models. Certified and professionally trained operators perform every task. We cooperate closely with washing machine manufacturers and utilize only authentic replacement parts.

Which common washing machine malfunction can we repair in Whetstone, Totteridge Lane N20?

Leaky washer

Smelly washer

Drainage Problems

Noisy washer

No water entering


Washer is ruining clothing

A clogged water pump filter

Washing machine does not start

The washer is not draining properly

Washer Door Lock

Clothes damaged

Drive belt

Stopping mid cycle

Check the water inlet hose

Fill Hoses

Unbalanced load

Washing machine moves around

Clean the detergent dispenser

Door is jammed

Electric cooker Installation and Repair at N20 Whetstone, Totteridge Lane

We perform expert repairs on all makes and models of electrical cookers, including hobs, ovens, and cookers, at Repairs Appliance. We believe in integrating professionalism and convenience into our repair services of the highest calibre. We will gladly accommodate your daily schedule in order to provide you with superior oven repair, hob repair, and cooker repair at extremely competitive rates.

Our entire workforce consists of certified, professionally trained technicians. We strive to repair all residential electrical appliances in the minimum amount of time possible while keeping our clients' belongings in mind, as they require these devices to carry out their daily activities.

Is the electric hob malfunctioning? Defective element, potentiometer, or regulator? We understand how inconvenient it can be when a household appliance malfunctions or breaks down; therefore, Repairs Appliance takes great pride in providing an exceptional and prompt repair service.

Which common electric cooker malfunction can we repair in Whetstone, Totteridge Lane N20?

Oven door sticking

Oven igniter malfunction


Oven fails to heat

Heating elements

Noisy fan

Oven tripping


The circuit breaker is tripped

Cooker clock is faulty

Electric cooker is too hot

Incorrect temperature

No power

Oven Element

Oven temperature is incorrect

Electric oven Installation and Repair at N20 Whitestone, Totteridge Lane

Is the electric hob malfunctioning? Defective element, potentiometer, or regulator? We understand how inconvenient it can be when a household appliance malfunctions or breaks down; therefore, North London Appliances takes great pride in providing an exceptional and prompt repair service.

Frequently, electric hob repairs are more economical than replacements. What exactly are you awaiting? Dial today, and one of our skilled technicians will restore your malfunctioning or damaged appliance to like-new condition.

Which common electric hob malfunction can we repair in Whetstone N20?

Hob Not Heating Up

Inconsistent Heating

Hob Won't Turn On

Touch Controls Not Responding

Error Codes Displayed

Ceramic Glass Cracking

Burner Not Adjusting Heat

Hob Tripping the Circuit Breaker

Fan Problems

Unusual Noises

Dishwasher Installation and Repair at N20 Whetstone, Totteridge Lane

Qualified engineers from Repairs Appliance perform dishwasher repairs at reasonable and competitive prices. We offer fixed prices for dishwasher repairs and replacement parts, and we can guarantee their quality and authenticity by purchasing them directly from manufacturers or their representatives, as we work closely with the manufacturers.

We provide guidance to our clientele regarding the selection of appropriate cleaning products that can effectively extend the operational life of a dishwasher, an essential kitchen appliance.

Repairs Appliance offers same-day or next-day dishwasher repair services, recognizing the critical nature of maintaining hygienic cutlery and crockery for our clients, whether they operate from their residences or places of business.

Which common dishwasher malfunction can we repair in Whetstone, Totteridge Lane N20?

Dishwasher not draining

Dishwasher leaks

Dishwasher smells bad

Not drying dishes

My dishes are still dirty

Noisy dishwasher

Detergent dispenser issues



Dishwasher needs cleaning


Clogged filter


Failing to dry properly

Wet dishes


Flashing Lights


Schedule your dishwasher repair now

Spray arms

Washer Dryer Installation and Repair at N20 Whetstone, Totteridge Lane

In the case of a combined washer/dryer, the workload that is typically divided between a washing machine and a tumble dryer must be completed by this single appliance.

Although designed to withstand serious temperature changes, going from cold water for washing to a very high degree for drying, your washer-dryer still experiences tremendous pressure on all its parts, and it might need maintenance or repair work more often than a separate washing machine or a tumble dryer.

At Repairs Appliance, washer-dryer combo repairs are performed at fixed costs, and we guarantee that the appliance will function flawlessly for the following six months.

Which common washer-dryer malfunction can we repair in Whetstone, Totteridge Lane N20?

Not Starting

Not Draining

Not Spinning

Water Leaks

Noisy Operation

Not Heating (Dryer)

Taking Too Long to Dry

Bad Odors

Clothes Coming Out Wet

Error Codes Displayed

Vibration and Movement

Electrical Issues

Fridge Freezer Installation and Repair at N20 Whetstone, Totteridge Lane

We provide high-quality fridge and freezer repair services the same or the following day. Our repair technicians are certified and trained to work on all makes and models of refrigerators and freezers and will be able to resolve any problem or replace a defective component. Constantly, the initial and most crucial stage in fridge and freezer repairs is diagnosis. Determining the necessary tasks, such as rectifying electrical issues or replacing a malfunctioning component, will enable us to execute our repairs expeditiously and satisfactorily.

We have the knowledge and expertise at Repairs Appliance to perform all repairs from beginning to end, from diagnosis to repairing your fridge or freezer, with a six months warranty that it will function flawlessly.

Which common fridge freezer malfunction can we repair in Whetstone, Totteridge Lane N20?

Not Cooling Properly

Freezer Not Freezing

Water Leaks

Ice Maker Not Working

Frost Buildup

Noisy Operation

Fridge Too Warm

Fridge Too Cold

Door Seal Problems

Compressor Issues

Electrical Problems

Temperature Fluctuations

Water Dispenser Problems

Lights Not Working

Condensation Inside the Fridge

Electric oven Installation and Repair at N20 Whetstone, Totteridge Lane

Professional technicians at Repairs Appliance offer oven repair services for all makes and models at competitive and affordable prices. We serve the entirety of London, including Whetstone and Totteridge Lane.

By providing our clients with high-quality electric oven repair services, we enable them to prepare delectable meals for their clients or loved ones in restaurants and other establishments that serve food prepared in an oven.

Presently, an increasing number of commercial and household appliances contain electronics; therefore, it is becoming increasingly vital to locate a repair specialist who possesses the requisite expertise and capabilities to handle your belongings.

Which common electric oven malfunction can we repair in Whetstone, Totteridge Lane N20?

Oven Not Heating

Inconsistent Temperature

Oven Not Turning On

Oven Door Won't Close Properly

Self-Cleaning Function Not Working

Oven Light Not Working

Oven Not Cooking Evenly

Burning Smell

Timer or Clock Not Working

Fan Not Working (Convection Ovens)

Oven Overheating

Error Codes Displayed

Oven Making Unusual Noises

Oven Door Glass Cracking

Control Panel Not Responding

The faulty dishwasher is repaired in N20.

Our friendly team member will help you to organize your appliances to get repaired or installed.