Repairs Appliance Privacy Policy

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Repairs Appliance

1. Repairs Appliance in London. Adheres to the Data Protection Act of 1999's tenets in handling all information obtained from site visitors.

2. We retain only the minimum amount of data required to provide the services advertised on our website.

3. The utilization of data is restricted to the objectives outlined in our entry on the Data Protection Register.

4. We obtain personal information for no longer than is required. When data is no longer required. The file has been removed from our system.

5. We never exchange, license, or sell mailing lists.

6. Commercial and technical information may be disclosed to our partners in the event that a customer accesses and utilizes our website through a partner's website.

7. Importantly, we exclusively disclose information to partners who adhere to their own privacy policies.

8. In adherence to the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003, we consistently refrain from dispatching unsolicited volume emails (commonly referred to as Spam) to email addresses.

9. Regarding products or services that we provide directly, we reserve the right to send emails to current or potential clients who have signed up or inquired about our offerings.

10. Your email address will be appended to every message you send. Additionally, explicit guidelines regarding the process of unsubscribing from our email service and any subsequent communications will be appended to each of these emails. These instructions will contain either a hyperlink to a webpage where you can deregister or a legitimate email address to which you ought to respond with the subject line "unsubscribe."

11. While enabling consumers to make purchases, our website employs "cookies" to monitor user activity. Kindly be informed that these (cookies) do not store or transmit any personally identifiable, financial, or confidential data, nor any other information that could be used to identify individual consumers or visitors to our website who have made a purchase. Please be further informed that you have the option to decline cookies. But for purely technical reasons, this may impede your ability to purchase from our website. This is due to the fact that during the checkout process, anonymous cookies are frequently employed to monitor the contents of customers' shopping containers or trolleys. When you approach to pay, this facility verifies that the items that have been added to (or removed from) your inventory are accurately reflected.

Please send your inquiries regarding our privacy statement to

The information that we gather.

When you visit one of our stores, use our websites (, or install our web or mobile device applications (referred to as "Mobile Apps"), or if you interact with us via phone, email, or social media, we collect personal information about you. Our websites and applications are referred to collectively as (Online Services). The following categories of biographical information are collected:

Personal information, including but not limited to your name, address, email address, and phone number The transaction details include the requested service or product, the price paid for it, the mode of payment used, and the payment information. The details pertaining to your account, including the dates of payments made and received, the subscription services you utilise, and any other pertinent information. Additionally, the phone numbers from which you initiate calls or send messages, as well as the phone numbers from which you receive calls or messages,.

Your location at the moment in which calls and messages are transmitted or received via our network, as well as the date and time of these exchanges,.

Information regarding the resources you access and the pages you navigate through on our website, including but not limited to traffic data, location data, weblogs, and other communication data.

Data that you furnish through the completion of forms available on our website, including the submission of an email quotation to us. Information disclosed to us in the course of any communication you may have with us.We collect the following information regarding your online activities:

Account information consists of the username, password, and any other identifiers or credentials used to access our online services or make purchases of our products and services. It also encompasses information regarding your shopping preferences, including your preferred brands and products, as well as the stores from which you frequent our website and the resources you utilise. Examples include location and device information, ad clicks, IP address, and cookie data.

The data that you disclose during our interactions with you. This includes registering to use our online services, subscribing to our services, and requesting additional information and assistance.

Instances in which you may be required to disclose personal information include the following:

Purchase merchandise via our contact centre or in our retail locations.

Register with us or utilise our online services; Provide feedback by submitting information; Employ the interactive functionalities of our online services.

Application of Your Information.

The primary purpose for which we collect and store information about you is to deliver the services that you have requested. Furthermore, we may utilise the data for the subsequent objectives:

In order to furnish you with the requested information concerning our products or services. Additionally, we may provide you with information regarding other products that we deem relevant to your interests, provided that you have indicated your consent to receive such information.

In fulfilment of our contractual obligations to you.

Data obtained through telephonic inquiries

Telephone communications, both incoming and outgoing, are recorded for training and quality assurance purposes. Calls that are recorded are stored on our secure servers. Senior staff members who have signed a declaration regarding the confidentiality and retention of phone conversations are the only ones who listen to incoming calls.

The act of storing personal data.

We store any information that you provide on our secure servers. For the protection of the information, transaction details entered on our site will be encrypted.

Establishing Contact With Us. Please direct all inquiries, remarks, and requests concerning this Privacy Statement to the following email address: