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Hob Repair Services

We can repair the majority of hobs due to our years of experience as a hob repair company and our team of competent and dependable engineers. Our organisation utilises state-of-the-art equipment and methodologies to repair your malfunctioning cooktop. Our team of North London-based oven repair specialists consistently provides service for hobs.

hob installation
Hob Installation

Hob Installation

Greater London appliance repairs are professionals in the installation and maintenance of Hobs. Our engineering team has vast expertise servicing hobs from a variety of manufacturers and types. We have the capacity to assist with both the installation and maintenance of hobs.

Hob Repairs

Hob Repairs

Get a professional hob repaired as soon as possible.

Do you have problems with your induction or ceramic hob? Don't be concerned; you're not alone! These kinds of issues might strike anyone at any time. The most important thing is to get them appropriately checked by a qualified appliance repair specialist. At Repairs Appliance, we can assist you in arranging a competent household appliance repair service to repair your broken electric hob, regardless of its type, brand, or model. Don't let a damaged hob mar your cooking experience; let us help you get your appliance back in working order.

hob repair
Hob repair in london
Hob Repair In London

Hob Repair In London

London Hob Repair

A faulty hob can cause complete havoc in the home. Repairs Appliance can assist you with a malfunctioning ceramic hob or a damaged induction hob. We try to arrive the same day or the next; a 6-month guarantee on our work gives you complete peace of mind. We understand the inconvenience and annoyance of not having a fully functional kitchen, so we try to repair almost all hob defects on the first visit!

Hob Installation and Repair

Hob Installation and Repair

Repairs and Installation on Electric hobs in London

Do not allow a broken electric hob to throw a wrench into your preparations for either breakfast or dinner. Give Repairs Appliance a call at the number 02080585536 if you are located in London and require prompt electric hob repair. Your home appliance will be back up and running in no time at all, thanks to our skilled and helpful crew, who will assist you. Don't give up hope; we can assist you in restoring functionality to your hob so that you may resume preparing all of your favourite meals.

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Hob Repair Cost In London

Hob Repair Cost In London

When all factors are considered, the price of repairs and replacement parts often falls somewhere in the range of £78 to £104. Again, the cost of labour can vary significantly from one company to the next and within each company itself. As the work progresses, some businesses will raise the amount they charge for labor.

The cost of hob repair in London, as well as elsewhere, can depend on several factors. Here are some key considerations that may influence the price:

  1. Type of Hob: The cost of repairing different hobs (electric, gas, induction) can vary. Induction hobs, for example, may have different components and repair requirements compared to gas hobs.

  2. The extent of Damage: The severity of the issue or damage to the hob will impact the repair cost. A minor issue, such as a faulty switch, might cost less than repairing a major problem, like a damaged heating element.

  3. Replacement Parts: If any parts of the hob need to be replaced, the cost of these parts will contribute to the overall repair cost. Genuine manufacturer parts may be more expensive than generic or third-party alternatives.

  4. Labor Costs: The cost of labour for the repair technician's time and expertise will be a significant factor. Labor costs can vary between service providers.

  5. Service Provider: Different repair companies may have different pricing structures. Some may charge a flat fee for certain repairs, while others charge hourly rates.

  6. Location: The cost of living and business operations in a specific area, such as London, can influence the overall service charges. Repair services in more expensive cities may charge higher rates.

  7. Emergency Repairs: If you require emergency or out-of-hours repairs, this might incur additional costs compared to regular business hours.

To get an accurate estimate for hob repair in London, it's best to contact local repair services and provide them with specific details about the issue. They can often give you a more precise quote after assessing the situation. Additionally, obtaining quotes from multiple providers can help you compare costs and choose the most reasonable option.

Hob Repair Guarantee

Hob Repair Guarantee

Our Appliance Repairs team will provide free consultations and try their best to help you over the phone with your problem. They will cover the cost of any essential repairs if you require replacement or repair parts. Per your reservation, our organisation will ensure that a hob professional gets in touch thirty minutes before your planned arrival at the specified place.

If there is an oven problem, a technician won't need to come in for the whole day. Customer recommendations and repeat business are important factors in determining our overall success. We pack all of our labour services and parts with a six-month guarantee.

hob repair guarantee

Why we recommended to choose Repairs Appliance ?

We respectfully ask that you hold us to a minimal level of civility, professionalism, courtesy, and timeliness. You will receive a call from our engineers thirty minutes before their departure.

We recognize the significance of efficient operations, prioritise timeliness, and continuously maintain a clean workplace. Packaging and replacement parts will be removed to level the affected area.

For oven repairs that are trustworthy, durable, and reasonably priced, get in touch with us right now. We'll quickly get your oven working properly again.

Potential hob malfunctions include Heating problems with an induction hob, hob turns off during cooking, Unable to adjust heat , or Hob is flashing after cooking finishes. If you encounter any of these issues, it's advisable to consult the user manual for troubleshooting guidance. In many cases, professional repair services may be necessary, especially for gas-related problems or electrical issues. Regular maintenance, proper cleaning, and prompt attention to issues can help prevent more significant problems and extend the lifespan of your hob. If you're unsure about how to address a particular problem, it's best to seek the assistance of a qualified appliance repair technician.


If truly damaged, Repairs Appliance dishwasher engineers may be able to repair or replace the water valve. Fortunately, it may be possible to repair the water valve. Engineers from Repair Appliance are capable of repairing or replacing defective dishwasher components.

Your laundry won't be adequately cleaned if your washing machine doesn't drain. There are a few possible causes of your washing machine not draining.

  Check if the pump filter is dirty or clogged.

 A clogged pump filter is most likely to be the cause. It would be best to clean the pump filter every three months or whenever it becomes clogged. You should find it at the bottom right-hand corner of your washing machine. It captures foreign objects like buttons and coins and prevents them from entering the drain hose. 

 To clean the pump filter, open the cover to expose the filter. Some washing machine models have a small hose stuck behind the cover to drain the water inside the filter. Others simply drain the water as soon as the filter is removed. The filter should always be placed beneath a bowl or towel in both cases.

 Unplug the hose and pull it out. If no hose is present, pull out the filter and remove any dirt, hair, or foreign object from the filter. Rinse under the faucet.

 Inspect the filter cavity to see if anything like dirt, coins, or buttons is stuck. Give it a wipe with a damp cloth. Finally, replace and secure the filter by turning it clockwise and pop the kickplate cover back on.

  See if the drain hose is bent or clogged

 For the water to be removed entirely from the drum, the hose between your machine and the drain should not be bent or clogged. Check the hose, and if necessary, straighten it or unclog it. 

   Make sure the waste water is not running back into the drum.

 Water may return to the drum even if there are no problems with the pump filter or drain hose. To prevent this, follow these steps:

  • The drain hose must be secured in place with a clip at the rear of the machine and above the connection with the machine. 

  • At least 40cm and at most 100cm above the ground, the drain hose should be connected to the waste outlet. 

  • If the hose is too long, cut it short. Make sure it is pushed about 15cm into the drain outlet.

The most common cause is a misaligned or defective spin switch. It would be best to press down on this tiny switch when the lid is closed. As a safety precaution, your machine might stop the spin cycle if it isn't pressed down. Holding down the switch with your finger while the lid is open will allow you to troubleshoot this and initiate a spin cycle. Our Appliance Repair specialists are available to fix the non-spinning washing machine.

Examine the door or lid of the washing machine for fissures or flaws before proceeding. If the door is the source of the issue, a professional replacement will be required. If the door appears undamaged, inspect the gasket seal. Upon observing any holes or tears in the seal, it becomes necessary to replace it. Repair Appliance's technicians can resolve a washing machine discharge issue when you schedule an appointment or contact them.

Grinding noises are frequently produced when the drum of a washing machine is overloaded. Misaligned washers may also produce the sound of grinding. A transient grinding sound might be audible during the direction change of a washer that reverses the rotation. Your raucous washing machine can be repaired at any time by the engineering staff at Repair Appliance.

Power reaches the appliance if the washing machine illuminates its lights but fails to initiate the laundry cycle. Consequently, the issue is intrinsic to the appliance. Modern washing machines are programmed to abort a process if the door is not sealed securely for safety reasons. Our Repair Appliance engineering staff can fix a washing machine that is malfunctioning or will not start.

After turning off the machine, wait a few minutes. The majority of doors will reopen once the temperature and power have decreased. Consider applying light pressure to the handle or activating the pause/start switch. Depart from the door while encircling it with a fishing line to manually release the locking mechanism. If you cannot repair your locked door washing machine independently, engineers from Repairs Appliances can.

Attempt to reorganize the laundry, discharge the water, and cease machine operation. Failure to entirely drain the water will prevent the initiation of the spinning cycle. Examine the washing machine's discharge hose and pump filter while it is turned off. Bending or clogging the hose is unacceptable. For you to repair your incomplete program washing machine, the Repairs Appliance engineer's team can either repair or replace your washing machine board.

In more recent models of washing machines, a tap symbol or a flashing light may indicate a problem with the water supply. In certain instances, drain hose improper positioning at the incorrect height may also result in appliance mid-cycle halting.

Ensure that your fill hoses are properly engaged by inspecting them. Inspecting the fill hose conduit for obstructions, leaks, or kinks is also prudent. Our appliance repair staff can fix your washing machine's blinking light.

Ensure that there is no overloading of the appliance. Determine whether heating is a component of the designated cycle. Ensure the drain filter is empty and spotless. The appliance might necessitate using a water softener if it is supplied with hard water. Other than that, the heating element may be repairable or replaceable, or there may be another issue with the appliance that is preventing it from heating.

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We have substantial expertise in the repair of hobs manufactured by all major brands, encompassing both freestanding and integrated models. Our engineers possess extensive knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of any hob brand, including AEG, Hotpoint, Bosch, and Miele. Furthermore, they possess knowledge on how to alleviate your tension.
Brands for which hob maintenance services are provided

Beko hob repair

Hoover hob repair

Indesit hob repair

Bosch hob repair

Samsung hob repair

Hotpoint hob repair

Bush hob repair

Zanussi hob repair

NEFF hob repair

SHARP hob repair

AEG hob repair

Candy hob repair

The faulty hob is repaired.

Our friendly team member will help you to organise your appliances get repaired or installation.