Repairs Appliance Terms and Conditions

Repairs Appliance

Up to date as of December 2023

1. Provisional INFORMATION

1.1 The website is moderated by H & D Repair Appliance Ltd.


2.1 Orders from consumers beyond our service territory are not accepted.



4.1 Before scheduling an appointment with an engineer, ensure that your contact information is accurate by double-checking it.

5. Regarding Privacy

We at Repairs Appliance are dedicated to safeguarding your privacy. To obtain additional details, kindly consult our Privacy Statement.


6.1 Upon order submission, a confirmation email regarding the reception of your reservation will be sent to you. This does not constitute approval of your reservation. Your reservation constitutes an offer to acquire our services. Our approval is the determining factor for all appointments; we will confirm your reservation via email (Booking Confirmation). We will not enter into a Contract until we deliver the Booking Confirmation to you.

6.2 A link to the Contract will only exist for those services whose reservations we have confirmed in the Booking Confirmation. Additional services that were included in your order are not obligated to be provided until their reservation has been confirmed in a distinct Booking Confirmation.


7.1 You may revoke your contract for services before the expiration of the cancellation period, which is seven (7) working days from the date our contract with you was formed if you are a consumer.

7.2 Should your transaction be terminated as per the provisions of clause

7.3 You must contact us via phone, email, or in person at least three business hours before the scheduled time of your reservation to rescind it.

7.4 The following services are not subject to revocation of contract within your jurisdiction:

7.5 Our Prerogative to Cancel the Reservation

The delivery of services is consistently dependent on the availability of engineers; thus, 7.5.1 If unforeseen circumstances prevent us from delivering the ordered services within the designated timeframe, we shall endeavor to inform you promptly. Regarding services we cannot deliver, our agreement with you shall be considered void and non-binding.


8.1 Your order will be fulfilled on the date specified in the Booking Confirmation or an alternative date mutually agreed upon, barring exceptional circumstances.

8.2 You will receive the services at the specified address during the reservation process.


9.1In the event that the provision of services you ordered was hindered by your failure to grant access to the property as specified in your order, we retain the prerogative to assess a no-access fee of £45 (VAT included) to you.


10.1 Notwithstanding any apparent error, the cost of the services shall remain unchanged after the dispatch of the confirmation email, barring any evident error. Labor and diagnostic fees are included in the total cost of repairs; however, replacement materials will be billed separately.

10.2 Prices for services do not include VAT. Nonetheless, should the VAT rate fluctuate from the moment your order is placed until delivery, we shall modify the VAT amount you owe unless you have remitted complete payment for the services before the revised VAT rate is implemented. Prices and delivery fees for services are subject to change at any time; however, orders for which you have already obtained a Booking Confirmation will remain unaffected by any modifications. We will charge you for the shipping costs if we select a third-party supplier to provide your components. 10.4 Since our website offers various services, such an outcome is always possible. Typically, we verify prices as part of our booking confirmation procedures; therefore, you will be charged a lesser amount if the actual cost of the service is less than the price we specify. On the contrary, it is assumed that the true cost of the service exceeds the price that is displayed on our website. We will then, at our discretion, either notify you of our decision to reject your order or contact you for additional instructions before confirming your reservation.

We are not obligated to provide you with the services at the incorrect (reduced) price if the pricing error is manifest and unmistakable and you could have readily identified it. 10.6 Payment receipt via credit card, debit card, or cash is required for all services. The preponderance of major credit and debit cards are accepted.


11.1. The service engineer's call-out, diagnostics, and labor are all included in our one-time fixed charge, irrespective of the engineer's on-site duration or the number of times he must return to rectify the issue. The delineation of the designated duty establishes the focal point of the restoration. The vast majority of household appliances are planned for repair. However, the appliance's age, brand, model, and manufacturer will have a substantial bearing on our capacity to procure replacement parts promptly and ultimately finish the repair. Additionally, replacement parts for discontinued appliances are only available for a limited time from the manufacturer. 11.3. Payment in the form of currency, debit, or credit card is mandatory for the technician's initial visit. Our technician will repair your appliance at the agreed-upon time and date. Our service engineer will generally place orders for any essential components that are out of stock during the service interaction and may be unavailable for one to two business days. Subsequently, we will receive the item or items within a maximum of two business days from the date of order placement. This process can take up to three business days, with an approximate ten-day average, if the required parts are not in stock. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of manufacturers whose components are challenging to acquire. There are circumstances in which these components must be procured internationally, which will result in a postponement of the repair's completion. We will contact you if the necessary parts become accessible so that we may arrange a subsequent repair appointment. Commercially installed residential appliances are repaired by our organization. We do not provide a warranty for these repairs under such circumstances. Concerning refrigeration apparatus, we do not offer insurance coverage for the loss or deterioration of food. Should you require our assistance in repairing more than one appliance on your premises, the standard repair rate will be applied to any further work mutually agreed upon with you and our team.


12.1. We reserve the right to charge you the full labor rate applicable to the brand if, at the time of the call-out, it is determined that the fault was caused by misuse, neglect, or improper installation or if the make, model, or brand of the appliance does not match its description. We reserve the right to decline replacement parts orders from our suppliers if such charges are not possible to complete the appliance repair. In such circumstances, we shall solely assess a diagnostic/administration fee of £50 (VAT not included). We may terminate the service if convenient access is not possible to repair your appliance. We reserve the prerogative to assess a non-VAT indemnity fee of £50 whenever this occurs. Maintenance is expected to be canceled with the utmost advance notice possible. Canceling after we have arrived at your location and the repair is underway will result in a charge for the entire repair (labor and diagnosis included). You are responsible for ensuring adequate and secure access to install and remove all products. While every effort will be made to ensure that appliances are installed or removed without causing harm to adjacent fixtures or flooring, we cannot be held liable for such damage unless it is proven that our actions were negligent. If we determine that inadequate access is present, we will try to inform you. If you prefer to avoid potential harm to the surrounding area, you may terminate the contract.


13.1 A six-month warranty backs labour and materials used in appliance repairs. This warranty excludes coverage for subsequent appliance failures or defects that are unrelated. Furthermore, it becomes void upon the appliance's relocation to an alternative site.

14. Our Obligation

14.1 Our maximum aggregate liability to you for losses or damages sustained is restricted to the purchase price of the services, subject to clause 14.3. 14.2 The subsequent losses are not our responsibility, except those listed in clause 14.3: 14.2.1 Loss of income or revenue; 14.2.2 Loss of business; 14.2.3 Loss of profits; 14.2.4 Loss of anticipated savings; 14.2.5 Loss of data; and 14.2.6 Waste of management or office time. However, claims for reasonably foreseeable loss or damage to your property or other claims for direct loss not excluded by the categories in this clause are not precluded by clause 14.2. 14.3 Our liability for the following is not restricted or excluded in this agreement: 14.3.1 Defective goods as defined in the Consumer Protection Act 1987; 14.3.2 Fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; 14.3.3 Any breach of the obligations implied by section 2 of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982; 14.3.4 Defective goods as a result of our negligence; 14.3.5 Any other matter where attempting to exclude or restricting our liability is unlawful.

15. Written correspondence

15.1 By applicable law, a portion of the communications or information we transmit to you must be in writing. You grant permission for essentially electronic communication by utilizing our website. Information will be furnished to you through electronic mail or the publication of announcements on our website. You grant your consent to using this electronic mode of communication to further the agreement's objectives. You consent to the electronic delivery of all contracts, notices, and other communications that we may provide to you, fulfilling any legal obligation that such correspondence be in writing. The aforementioned condition does not impact your legal privileges.


16.1 An enforcement of the agreement exists against you and us and each of our successors and assignees. 16.2 You may not transfer, assign, charge, or otherwise dispose of a Contract or any of your rights or obligations arising therefrom without our prior written consent. 16.3 We may transfer, assign, charge, subcontract, or otherwise dispose of the Contract or any of our rights or obligations arising during the Agreement term.

18. The WAIVER

18.1 Notwithstanding our failure to enforce any rights or remedies to which we are entitled under the Contract or these terms and conditions or to insist on strict observance of any obligations under the Contract or these terms and conditions during the term of the Contract, this shall not be construed as a waiver of said rights or remedies, nor shall it absolve you of said obligations. 18.2 Waiver of successive defaults does not follow from our concession of a single default. 18.3 No waiver of these terms and conditions by us shall be enforceable unless it is explicitly described as such and provided to you in writing in adherence to paragraph 14.

19. Regarding Severability

19.1 If a court or other competent authority renders a decision stating that a provision of these terms and conditions or a contract provision is wholly or partially invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, that provision shall be severed to the extent that it is so determined. The remaining provisions shall retain their force and effect to the maximum extent law permits.


20.1 We reserve the right to rely on these terms and conditions and any document expressly referenced therein concerning the subject matter of any contract. Please ensure that any written verification is requested for any modifications to these terms and conditions, notwithstanding our liability for any claims or representations made by our duly authorized agents.

21. We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions.

21.1 We reserve the right to modify and revise these terms and conditions. Unless any change to those policies or terms and conditions is mandated by law or governmental authority (in which case it will apply to orders previously placed by you), or if we notify you of the change to those policies or terms and conditions before sending you the Dispatch Confirmation (in which case you have the right to terminate your order), you shall be bound by the policies and terms and conditions in effect at the time you order goods or services from us.


We make every effort to address consumer complaints and inquiries within a maximum of five days.


223.1 Repairs Appliance grants you a license to access our website for personal use only. This license enables you to download and cache individual pages from our website using your browser. This license prohibits downloading and modifying individual pages or substantial portions of our website and makes our website accessible via an intranet. A substantial portion of our website is hosted locally on the intranet. 23.4 Our website's design, layout, content, and text may not be duplicated, modified, or exploited without our written consent. 23.5 Our website cannot be inserted within another website's frame-set. 23.6 third parties are prohibited from "deep link" to pages within our website without our prior written consent. Except where expressly permitted by us, all links should point to the homepage of our website. In addition, such links' graphic or textual content should not be misleading, false, derogatory, or otherwise objectionable. 23.7 The "deep linking" restriction does not apply to affiliate partners who wish to increase their affiliate sales by sending consumers directly to a specific page or product.

Copyright 24

London Appliance Services retains ownership of all website components, including content, databases, graphics, buttons, icons, logos, layouts, and look & feel. 24.2 Any unauthorised mining, extraction, or use of product information from our website without our explicit prior written consent is strictly prohibited. The rightful owners of all product names, logos, trademarks, registered trademarks, and brands are reserved for their respective entities. The utilisation of company, product, and service names on this site is for identification purposes only.


25.1 English law shall govern all contracts for purchasing goods and services via our website, in addition to any dispute or claim that may arise concerning those contracts, their subject matter, or their formulation (including non-contractual disputes or claims). Non-contractual disputes and claims (as well as those originating from or in connection with the formation of these contracts) shall fall under the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in England and Wales.